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Jazz Ceiling Fans

A wish, want, crave, covet mean to have a longing for comfort.

Jazz Fans stresses the strength of feeling comfort. An attractive fan, completely customizable in appearance that makes the desired - achievable. 

 A fan, like no other.  A fan, designed specifically to move air with a non-disruptive, yet continually powerful flow. 

10' from tip-to-tip, the Jazz Ceiling Fan was designed through evolution from a basic fan blade (with minimal coverage) to now completely revolutionary blade - designed for equal air flow from hub to tip. 

 You Desire Air - the Jazz Fan Provides.

The Jazz Fan’s unique blade design doesn’t just look good; it deploys the same modulated blade technique utilized in advanced stealth helicopters.

As any fan rotates, the tip of a blade spins faster than the fixed point (or center) creating pockets of minimal air movement directly underneath the fan. The Jazz Fan blade design tackles this challenge with a varying degree angle of attack, never before seen on a ceiling fan.

Ranging from 6° (tip) to 14° at its greatest point, the Jazz Fan diminishes the resistance against each blade maximizing air movement and minimizing power consumption.

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